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Design, Supply & DIY

The road map to completing your own landscaping

With a little help from the pros and big discount on products. 

The Problem

After nearly a decade in the industry, we have realized that a number of our clients incur the same problems. Many Edmontonians  would like to do a portion of their own yards, but don't know how properly install the landscape, are unsure how much material is needed, and would like to save on costs.

The Solution

We are pleased to offer our clients a unique mix of services and products to complete their landscaping on their own, but with a guiding hand and strategic road map. Our design, supply & DIY service allows our clients to choose between getting our professional services or receiving the materials needed to tackle the project themselves. We set the client up for success by providing a one on one consultation, providing a digital design, and lastly providing an itemized estimate to show the cost of our crews installation or for us to simply provide the exact amount of materials needed to take on the job!

How It Works



We listen to your goals, vision & budget to create a functional & appealing design

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 12.33.31


Estimate & Road Map

We provide an itemized estimate showing you what each service costs, the level of expertise needed & material cost delivered to your door

You choose the services and supplies that suit your capacity and goals best!

Glenridding Getaway.jpg


Service & Supply

We do the tough part - final grading, patios, features etc. and get you setup for your portion of the work!


Once completed, we give you the exact quantities of fabric, aggregate, sod etc. needed to get the job done without worrying about finding the products or having to buy too much!

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